LG Photo Recovery



In case, you have lost or deleted some of the important photos from your LG Android smartphone then need not get panicked or restless!! Search for available backup of pictures that you have lost or deleted. In case even if you don't have legitimate backup of pictures from LG smartphone then simply make use of LG Photo Recovery software to recover each of the photos from respective LG phone in matter of few clicks on the software. This LG phone photo recovery utility provides each of the images in the exact format as it was just before it went missing. Graphic user interface of this software is as easy as pie, which allows even the naïve computer or laptop users to easily recover missing photos in matter of few clicks on the software. This application is widely appreciated as one of the best software to recover photos from Android based LG Smartphones including LG Optimus series, LG Nexus, etc.

LG Photo Recovery
  • Efficient software to recover photos from LG smartphones of different versions of Android including Jelly Bean
  • Supports LG picture recovery from both internal memory and external micro SD card of your smartphone
  • Can be applied on different memory card brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, etc.
  • LG Photo Recovery can be used over Windows 7, 8, Windows XP, and Windows Vista

Photos that are saved on LG smartphone goes missing due to plethora of reasons; a few of the repeated one’s are detailed as follows:

Accidental Deletion: Saving and deleting any of the files upon LG smartphone is a very common phenomenon, which is mainly performed to organize files as per requirement. While performing such a simple task if any unintended file is selected and later delete command is applied then a very pitiful situation develops. Since there is no Recycle Bin or Trash like folder over Android phones therefore such an action results in permanent deletion.

Deletion While Previewing: It is general tendency among photographers to check out the recently captured images. While previewing the images on LG Optimus L9, if we click on delete option that is stationed at the screen, then the respective photo gets beyond manual recovery. The best way to recover deleted photos from LG Optimus L9 is making use of LG Photo Recovery software.

Deletion due to Third Party Software: Different software’s are usually installed by users over LG G3 Smartphone which has access to all the files directly or indirectly. One of such software is anti-virus. In case while automated scanning any photo is reported to be virus infected, then it is quite feasible that user may delete it without cross checking exactly which photo it is. To regain access to such deleted photos opt for this LG phone photo recovery software that performs LG G3 photo recovery easily and quickly.

Improper Ejection: Memory cards provide extended memory space area over various LG smartphones. If in hurry such a useful storage card is ejected from Smartphone in abrupt way then it is very much possible that file system of the card may get corrupted. Once file system of memory card is corrupted different error messages are reported to the users every time they try accessing the contents of memory card. Some of the error messages are "Card Error", "Blank Media", "Unsupported File System", "Card Locked", and "Memory Card Error".

Virus Attack: In current world scenario, we can't imagine a smartphone without internet connection, because of its great benefits. However, as we all know every good thing has some bad aspects as well; the same concept is valid for internet. It is very much possible that when we make use of phone to visit numerous websites, viruses may get intruded on our phone. If such intruded viruses are very strong then it may corrupt entire phone or its attached memory card.

Other Reasons: Photos that are present on LG smartphone can get unreachable due to variety of other reasons such as OS corruption, FAT or BOOT area damage, abrupt turning of phone, etc. Each of these states of affair can be easily handled by use of LG Photo Recovery software.

How is it possible to recover photos after deletion or lost?

LP picture recovery is possible after facing deletion scenario, because when we delete any of the files from saved memory space area, then only respective file detail is cleared from the file system of that drive. Hence, to recover such photo, LG Photo Recovery need to just rebuild such missing link on the file system. In case of file system corruption, all the files remain at the saved area until and unless they are overwritten. Therefore, by making use of LG phone Photo Recovery, all of the inaccessible or unreachable files can be easily reclaimed by just following few simple steps.

There are few of the things that must be kept in mind if you intend to make LG cell phone photo recovery, such as:

  • Never format or reformat your memory card after any kind of data loss happen
  • Usage of phone for saving any new data must not be done
  • Don’t restore or upgrade your Smartphone

All of the above mentioned measures must be followed strictly because if the files are overwritten, then it would be literally impossible to recover them. Some of the things that users can follow to ensure the data loss doesn't happen are:

  • Always perform deletion operation on LG Smartphone or memory card after cross checking the selected files
  • Always opt for reliable antivirus over your LG Smartphone so that no virus intrusion can happen
  • Keep updated backup of photos that are present on phone
  • Install only reliable application on your LG Smartphone, so that no issue happens in future

Despite following all of the measures mentioned above many a time data loss happen upon LG smartphone. In such circumstances, instead of repenting or feeling apologetic about photo loss, simply make use of LG Photo Recovery software. This LG Picture Recovery has one of the best scanning algorithm which scans entire memory card or internal memory in few seconds of its installation. Any of you can easily make use of LG Photo Recovery to perform lost photo recovery from LG Enact smartphone, LG T585, LG Optimus G E975, LG L70 Dual, and different others. Some of the popular photo formats that can be rescued by use of LG Photo Recovery software are JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, RAW, TIF, etc. Photos that are listed after completion of scanning on LG Photo Recovery can be sorted out in four categories i.e. file name, size of the file, creation date of the file and file signature. Moreover, this LG Android photo recovery is widely known as best tool when it comes to recover pictures from all brands of Android based smartphones. Using this software, you can easily know how to recover deleted photos from LG G4 with ease.

Simple Steps to make use of LG Photo Recovery:

First of all download and install this LG phone photo recovery software on your Windows computer or laptop. As installation is completed open its Home Screen by double clicking on the icon available over desktop.

Step 1: After LG Picture Recovery software is opened on your Windows system, opt for appropriate option from the Home Screen as shown in Figure 1.

LG Photo Recovery - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Next, choose memory card or Android phone and click on “Proceed” button to commence scanning as shown in Figure 2.

LG Photo Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: As scanning gets completed on software, you can see the recovered files as shown in Figure 3. In case you are satisfied with the results, you can save the retrieved files by purchasing the full version of the LG Android photo recovery.

LG Photo Recovery - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files